The sequel to the hotly-anticipated Forest of Souls, an epic and immersive tale of destiny and sisterhood. Perfect for fans of Susan Dennard, Sarah J. Maas, and Netflix’s The Witcher!

The Soulless has woken from his centuries-long imprisonment. Now, he lurks in the Dead Wood recovering his strength, while Sirscha and her allies journey east to the shaman empire of Nuvalyn. Everyone believes she is a soulguide—a savior—but Sirscha knows the truth. She’s a monster, a soulrender like the Soulless, and if anyone discovers the truth, she’ll be executed.

But there’s nothing Sirscha won’t risk to stop the shaman responsible for the rot that’s killing her best friend. While the Soulless is formidable, like all shamans, his magic must be channeled through a familiar. If Sirscha can discover what—or who—that is, she might be able to cut him off from his power.

With Queen Meilyr bent on destroying the magical kingdoms, Sirscha finds herself caught between a war brewing in the east and the Soulless waiting in the west. She should be trying to unite what peoples she can to face their common enemies, but instead, her hunt for clues about the Soulless leads to a grim discovery, forcing Sirscha to question who her enemies really are.

Book 2 in the Shamanborn Series.

Illustration by Charlie Bowater.
Design by Laura Benton.





BROKEN WEB is a 2021 Junior Library Guild Selection!

“Lee is a masterful world-builder, creating intriguing scenarios and a compelling cast of characters, anchored by the strong portrayals of female friendship. For fans of Natasha Ngan and Joan He, and for any high ­fantasy ­collection” School Library Journal

“Lee is experienced and skilled at building intricate worlds and letting the details unfold holistically through the plot. A particularly nice feature here is the multiracial component, incorporating pan- Asian humans as well as nonhuman shamans. Imaginative, action-packed, and clearly labeled as book one, this engaging title will leave fans eager for the sequel.” — Booklist

“Sirscha’s path to discovery and acceptance is thoughtful and heartfelt… A refreshing fantasy for readers looking for more friendship and adventure, less romance.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Lee’s writing and characterizations all but guarantee this one will have a rabid fanbase craving more.” — Buzzfeed

“Lori M. Lee draws us back into her web with this fantastic sequel to FOREST OF SOULS. With her talents for exquisite description, electrifying action sequences, and a plot that keeps you wanting more, Lee spins yet another breathtaking tale with BROKEN WEB.” — Sarah Henning, author of the Sea Witch & The Princess Will Save You

“In BROKEN WEB, Lori M. Lee, delivers once again with a tale of intrigue, friendship, and above all–what it means to be family. I was on the edge of my seat as Sirscha and Saengo wove their way way through numerous dangers and heart-wrenching decisions. Those two empowered young women share a friendship like I’ve never known but desperately wish I could. I’m eagerly awaiting the next chapter.” — Mindee Arnett, critically acclaimed author of Onyx & Ivory and Avalon

“With a backdrop of political intrigue, deep magic, and hidden roots, Forest of Souls is a tantalizing beginning to a rich new fantasy series.” — Traci Chee, New York Times best-selling author of The Reader trilogy

“With magic as luminous as it is terrifying, Lori M. Lee weaves a vibrant tapestry of sisterhood, self-discovery, and the long legacies of battles between good and evil. Absolutely enchanting.” — Natalie C. Parker, author of Seafire

“A classic fantasy rooted in self-discovery, death-defying friendship, and political intrigue, Forest of Souls spins a tale as lush as its world. You can’t help but want to see this dark journey through.” — Linsey Miller, author of the Mask of Shadows duology and Belle Révolte

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