This is a directory of blog posts I’ve written on various writerly things, or interviews I’ve done with smart people on writerly things. Please note this was last updated in 2012, so some links and info may no longer be relevant.


On World Building


Character Sheets
The Mighty Archetype: Broody Jerks with Hearts of Gold
The Mighty Archetype: The Hero Who Hides Behind a Smile
The Mighty Archetype: The Goofy Guy Who Secretly Kicks Ass
The Mighty Archetype: The Mad Scientist
The Mighty Archetype: The Child Prodigy
The Mighty Archetype: Good Guys Gone Bad
Personality by Blood Type


Complicated and Sympathetic Villains
Villains We Love to Hate
Villains Who Switch Sides
The Handy Book of Villainous Dialogue



Why I’m a Plotter
Outlining: Start Big and Work Down to the Details
Q+A: Reworking a Manuscript


What Editing and the Man in the Iron Mask Have in Common
Editing – Easy Ways to Cut Word Count and Tighten Writing
On Description and Senses and Distancing Point of View
Drafting and Editing from Artwork to Writing

Point of View

A Matter of Point of View
Point of View: Take Two


On Dialogue (or another ‘He said – She said post’)
Novel Beginnings


On the Value of NaNoWriMo
Nanowrimo: Plan Ahead – by Patricia


Q+A: When to Start Querying
On Queries and Putting Your Best Foot Forward


On the Inequality of Switching Gender Roles
On the Dangers of Complacency
On Etiquette and Honesty
Rivalships straddle the line
On Subtlety and Romance
Seven Things I Did to Prepare my WIP
When Music and Writing Collide – by Anna
Interview with a Teen Reader #1
Interview with a Teen Reader #2
Why Contests Help Everyone
Fanfiction was my best teacher
Q+A: If they ask for money, it’s a scam
Taking Time on Things That Matter (To You)
Q+A: Manuscripts and Beta Readers

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