For published and aspiring KIDLIT writers during these tough times to write “together”!


***I reserve the right to remove anyone from a session who isn’t following guidelines or who is being disrespectful to others.

πŸ’› All sessions will be on Mondays via Zoom, which is free video conferencing software.
πŸ’› I will be closing the form once we have enough sign-ups. Please keep an eye on your inbox!

6:00 – 6:40 PM CST

πŸ’› I’m capping this at 5 participants, excluding hosts, because I want these to be smaller, less chaotic, and give everyone a chance to talk about their manuscript and solicit help from the group.

πŸ’› This is not a critique group. Please refrain from giving outright critique. The only exception to this is if there’s an issue of racism, ableism, homophobia, etc

πŸ’› Everyone who signs up for this is encouraged to both ask and provide advice. This isn’t a panel where participants ask the hosts questions. This is a friendly, intimate, free-for-all discussion.

πŸ’› Be respectful of the time so that everyone gets a chance to talk about their manuscript.

7:00 – 7:40 PM CST
8:00 – 8:40 PM CST

πŸ’› I’m capping this at 10 participants for the first Monday to see how it goes. If it goes well, I’ll lift the cap to 15+ to see if Zoom remains stable.

πŸ’› If you hit any snags while writing, please absolutely ask the group for help. This is the beauty of writing in a “group”! I’ll answer as I’m able, and anyone who wants to help is free to do so as well.

πŸ’› However, offering help during these sessions is optional, and participants are free to mute their speakers so they can continue writing. The goal is to find motivation and inspiration in a “group” setting, and if that means powering on without interruption, then go for it.

Thanks, and remember: We’re all here to support each other. Stay home, stay safe, and wash your hands!

Every Monday, I’ll be joined by a new co-host during the Brainstorm / Q+A Session to help answer questions!

Here are April’s co-hosts:
πŸ’› Mindee Arnett
πŸ’› Rebecca Coffindaffer
πŸ’› June C.L. Tan
πŸ’› Roseanne A. Brown

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