Hello there!

I’m a seventeen-year-old senior in high school aspiring to become an editor and work in publishing. I do have professional experience through my current mentorship with a literary agent.

“Lori’s daughter is fantastic!!! She’s worked with me on some projects and I adore her! The absolute best readers reports…so well detailed. Perfectly balancing critique with praise. She’s gonna make a brilliant editor or agent one day. Definitely worth it.” — Patrice Caldwell, literary agent with Howard Morhaim Literary Agency

I am offering edit letters/feedback for the first fifty (50) pages of your self-written young adult manuscript. Here are some points I may touch base on in my edit letter: character development/lack of character, plot progression, plot holes, questions I have, quotes I enjoyed, characters I loved, suggestions with each piece of criticism, and so on.

I’m open to all genres of YA, although I’m more accustomed to fantasy/speculative.

I am charging $55 to read 50 pages of your manuscript and provide you an edit letter. You must have a Venmo account. My edit letters will most likely exceed 3 pages, because I want to be as thorough and specific as possible for your work.


  • My Venmo is connected to a different email for security purposes, so once we have everything settled, I’ll send you information as to where to send your payment.
  • Let me know in your initial email to me (which is explained below) if you want to split up the fee into increments. I know this is a tough time for people who are currently unemployed; therefore I don’t want to force anyone to pay the $55 all right away.
  • If you decide to split up the payment, we will figure out dates together! For example, if my deadline is in two weeks, we can split the payment in half: $27.50 when you send the manuscript and $27.50 on the deadline date. Whatever works for you 🙂
  • If you do not decide to split up the payment, please send the $55 along right after sending your manuscript to me.

How to reach me:

  • Please email me at klee02.business@gmail.com with the subject line labeled as “Inquiry.” Include in your email your name, book query, and why you are interested in working with me. Optional: please include if you have any topics in particular you want me to focus on while reading and if you want to split up the payment, along with any questions or concerns.
  • I will email back and ask for your 50 pages. Feel free to find a natural stopping point around the 50-page mark. Please also include your original query as the first page (this won’t count towards the 50 pages). I will also include a deadline as to when I will be able to get the edit letter back to you (typically, it will not be longer than 2 weeks) and my Venmo contact. 
  • Once I receive the manuscript and payment, I will start reading your work and send the edit letter earlier than expected or right on the deadline date, depending on your payment options.

Of course, I know things are tough right now, and if you can’t afford to pay the full amount but you want to have someone read your work, we can always work something out. I can bring down the page requirements, along with the price. Just keep in mind that that means there may not be enough information for a long edit letter. Please stay safe and healthy!

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