TWO weeks left until Gates of Thread and Stone. I’ve lost the ability to function. HOW MAKE WORDS?

After stalking the UPS truck for weeks, it finally stopped outside my house last week. The UPS guy handed over a box, and I promptly died. Then my daughter tossed me some Phoenix Down, and I opened the box to find pretty, pretty paperbacks!!! *squee*

I was only expecting 10. I got 25 instead o_o WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL OF THEM?

And then yesterday, the UPS truck stopped again!!! And delivered these:

*dies again* That cover design beneath the dust jacket just kills me. *rolls around in them*

And then I promptly built a book castle/pantheon/thing:

I honestly don’t even know what to do with myself now. CONCENTRATION IS SHOT. But these edits still need to get done.


My weekly giveaway is over, but there are still a couple ways to win the book:

1. You have one more week to win a special annotated copy of Gates of Thread and Stone by subscribing to my Readers Club newsletter (subscription box to the right » )!

2. My publisher is giving away twenty copies on GoodReads!

OR, to ensure you get your copy, you can preorder at any time of the following sites:

IndieBound | Barnes & Noble | Amazon


You can also request the book at your local library or bookstore! That would be fab 🙂

5 Comments on “Two Weeks to Gates of Thread and Stone

  1. Wish I was there to share in your excitement!!! Although you and I would get even less work done together! Lol


  2. Holy cannoli! It kills me too! I LOVE buildings(that sounds so weird) and so those are like ten servings of awesomesauce. I totally get why you rolled around in them. 😉


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