Three years ago — 2011, the year I began querying — I posted my writing journey in word counts. I thought it’d be fun to revisit this now that my first book comes out in less than a month.

2005 – 2010: ~489,000 words
A more detailed summary of these writing years in the link 🙂

2011: ~90,000 words
This is a rough approximation, covering further edits on an old ms for the first half of the year and then writing and completing Gates of Thread and Stone in the second half.

2012: ~105,000 words
Another rough approximation. I made revisions to Gates of Thread and Stone with my agent before it went out on submission. Then I wrote a new book. This isn’t counting the 50-page outline and world building/character sheets I prepared in advance of writing the new book. Also, I was pregnant and nauseous/useless for three months.

2013: ~65,000 words
This was more the year of edits than of writing new material. I did write a new book, but mostly I revised an old project and spent a couple months editing Gates of Thread and Stone for my publisher. Also I had a new baby and was a zombie for several months.

Jan – Jun 2014: ~80,000 words
I wrote the sequel to Gates of Thread and Stone and am now editing it for my publisher. I’m hoping I’ll have enough time at the end of the year to actually complete a first draft of my fantasy wip. I’m dying to write something new, and this fantasy feels just right.

Total: ~829,000 words since 2005

By next year, I darn well have better reached 1 million words. *shakes fist*

So that’s what my journey looks like in word counts. What does your journey look like?

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