I spend way too much time admiring my cover, so I might as well share the full dust jacket 🙂

Soooo prettyyyyy ♥

Also, audiobooks arrived!


I hope this means my hardcover and paperback author copies aren’t far behind. I have heart palpitations every time the UPS truck drives by my house. COME TO ME, AUTHOR COPIESSSSS. *flops around*

Also, my friend and fellow author Jaime Loren wrote me the first ever fanfiction for my book. It was hot. SHE’S AMAZING ♥

Tune back in tomorrow for another Teaser Tuesday 😀

P.S. One week left to enter my weekly signed book giveaway. Only one winner left!

P.S.S. My publisher is giving away 20 (!!!) copies of Gates of Thread and Stone on goodreads.

2 Comments on “Full Dust Jacket

  1. The full dust-jacket is gorgeous! And I didn’t realize audio-book cases look like that now, makes me think of blue-ray + video game cases 🙂


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