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German Cover for Gates of Thread and Stone

Or rather, Die Fäden Der Zeit, which means “(The) Threads of Time.” (Thanks to Shveta Thakrar for the translation!) Here is the stunning cover: OMG, RIGHT? I love how they basically redid the US cover so that they’re both super similar and yet super different! All the shiny threads on both editions is killing me. Looooooove! DIE FÄDEN DER ZEIT releases next fall from … Read More German Cover for Gates of Thread and Stone

Book News 2!

More YAY news! Gates of Thread and Stone sold World French rights to Ada. French rights to Lori Lee’s GATES OF THREAD AND STONE to Ada, by Donatella d’Ormesson at Donatella d’Ormesson Literary, in a two-book deal, in association with Kathleen Ortiz at New Leaf Literary and Media on behalf of Suzie Townsend.   Here, have some gifs. Even the Dark One approves. God, … Read More Book News 2!

Book News!

I’m super excited to be able to share the news that Gates of Thread and Stone sold in Germany! Specifically, it sold to Blanvalet, a division of Random House Germany, which is intensely cool and not just because they apparently publish the German version of A Game of Thrones WHUT? My book will be in German. Sold in Germany. Wow o_o *runs in circles* … Read More Book News!